It’s NaNoWriMo again, and you know what that means — time to start writing. Learn how to write a romance in ten easy steps from one who ought to know (better).

You Can Write Romance

So you saw the library was doing classes on writing a book in a month and decided to give it a shot. Of course, you’re sure you could write the next great American novel, but being brilliant in print is time consuming.

Better to start with something easy.

A mystery would have been good. You like mysteries.
Hard to believe you couldn’t come up with a plot.

Writing a romance, though, how difficult could it be?

You’ve even read romance.
In high school.
Before you discovered real fiction.

Simple, straightforward, predictable. Yeah, writing romance should be a cinch.

Besides that Nora Robertson woman makes millions, and you’d like to quit your job as soon as possible.

Well, sweetheart, warm up your computer because You Can Write Romance!

Seriously? Why romance?

“In Defense of Romance: Proving the Stereotypes Wrong” — The Yale Herald

“Why Smart Women Read Romance” — Amy Browning…

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